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Guidance for individuals and organizations in the midst of tough times.

Toni Lynn Chinoy has published many books all focused on helping YOU successfully navigate your professional and personal life.

She offers a context which is totally unique, emphasising the use of your LOGIC combined with your INTUITION to resolve complex issues.

The beauty of this approach is that she has also spent decades testing and honing this context in Fortune 500 companies with stunning results.

You can read more about our books and if you like them, they are available here for instant gratification through downloaded PDF copies. If you are patient enough to wait for the paper back or hard cover copies, call us (540-636-4890)or visit the author, Toni Lynn Chinoy, on Amazon.com. 

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Step Back from the Edge: Redirecting Rage

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Small Change, Big Impact

Book I What To Do When It Rains; a handbook for leaders in crisis

Book II What to Do When It Rains; a handbook for organizations in crisis

The War Between the Whirligigs and the Tanks

Handling Critical Moments with Grace

Perfect Speed

From the Balcony, new perspectives for the old Power Games

Trolls, Bullies, and YOU!

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