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How Quick Are YOU?

How Intuitive Are YOU?

Are You Solitary Enough?

There are many reasons this is our most popular speaking topic.

  • Learn how to use your intuitive powers and communicate them in a way others can respect.  
  • Discover how energy affects communication. 
  • Identify your own unique style and how to leverage it.  
  • Gain a mathematical understanding about how to direct your energies to create change. 
  •  Determine the difference between intuitive and emotional responses. 
  • Learn how to interpret a “feeling” in order to make better decisions. 
  • Be elegant, even when delivering tough messages.  
  • Learn the “laws of the jungle” in order to respond more effectively!

What Does all this have to do with a cheetah?


Can you imagine a Cheetah worrying about what others watching will think?

Can you see a Cheetah lurching noisily down a path while trying to catch and kill a rabbit? 

Try pretending you can visualize a Cheetah roaring in frustration when he/she does not get its way. 

So the Cheetah launches at its prey and misses. Does it sit around and think about how unfair life is? 

You get the idea?

Now, envision a sleek, powerful, elegant YOU, moving quietly and vigorously in your jungle. You have an incredible ability to predict the moves of others before they happen. You are tuned to their stresses in such a way that you can avoid triggering their negative responses. You are cool and collected and can rebound instantly from any failure, without triggering negative energy around you in any way…..Call us and get the details.