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The Most Important Book on Relationships You Will Ever Read! WHY?

The War Between the Whirligigs and Tanks is for EVERYONE! 

The beauty of this book is that it...


  • Explains why you are drawn to certain people and then end up at WAR.

  • Helps you to understand why you react to people, circumstances, and challenges in specific, predictable ways.

  • Identifies strategies to interact with others in ways that are respectful and effective (in getting your way, of course).

  • You will now have a word to describe all those people who somehow make you lose your cool.

whirligigs cover



Ok, it's a "ditty"! (short, witty, fun) Don't underestimate what you can learn from this little text. It explains a lot about why we are attracted to some people and then find ourselves fighting with them about the very things we thought we liked.


If you want this important book right now, you can purchase an instantly downloadable PDF copy here through Pay Pal. Note: you do not need a pay pal account. Simply scroll to the place where it says, "don't have a pay pal account" and it will allow you to do a normal credit card purchase. We use them because they have the security you want. You will then be sent a link to your file.



Read an Excerpt: Whirligigs and Tanks

Order a paperback copy for yourself....or for your enemies! $10.95 plus shipping


You can also order paperback copies for spouses, friends, children etc. through Amazon.com



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