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No One is Going to Save You from the Bully!

Unless you are very, very lucky! 


  • Are you looking for ways to stop being afraid?

  • Do you want to develop enough attitude that they leave you alone?

  • Wanna know what you are doing that makes the bully come after YOU?

  • Looking for perspective? You know, a way of not taking things so seriously?

  • Do you want to learn how to save yourself?

bullies front cover


Toni Lynn Chinoy coaches business leaders through "corporate cutthroat" all the time. She thinks everyone should know how to respond to bullies in a way that brings success and freedom from the issue in the future.

She shares how to get your emotional and mental perspective in the right place to handle challenges from others with humor, attitude, and GRACE. Not only is the light touch refreshing, but you will NEVER look at the bullies in your life the same way. Share the concepts with your children and friends. The more people who know how to deter the bullies, the less we will all have to deal with them!

READ an Excerpt: It's not about YOU!

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