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Our approach to leadership issues is unique. We start at a most fundamental level (like a golfer learning to hold the club first). The reason we do so is because most issues start with the basics, and if those can be resolved, the rest happens naturally. Everyone leads differently and so formula driven leadership simply cannot work. Rather than work against a person's natural style, we work with the issues which either derail the person or add to their effectiveness when optimized.

What are some examples of BASICS.

  • Never try to inspire through fear....it suboptimizes performance.
  • Manage the pace of your decisions. Are you a "Rusher" or an "Over deliberator"? Either will cause issues and you will absolutely default to one or the other under pressure.
  • Power Games should only be fought with personal power. Using positional power shows lack of imagination.
  • Be aware of what you nurture. Look at behaviors around you and accept that any patterns reflect what you tend to nurture.


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