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Small Change:

Big Impact! 

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Are you basically lazy?

  • Would you like the biggest result for the smallest amount of effort? 
  • Would you like to stop nagging, fighting, arguing over the things that should be easy? 
  • Are you ready to jettison the things that make your life harder? 
  • Can you describe your life/work as flowing and effortless? 
  • Are you prepared to stir things up a bit? 
  • Ready to be excited by some new ideas? 

This book is unlike what you have read in self help, leadership, or business sections before. And yet, it is based on over thirty years of experience, observation, and experimentation.

Comments by previous readers:

"I loved this book. I believe it epitomizes Toni’s ability to offer a way of thinking about complex and real problems which make the best solutions obvious. The ideas presented here were both new and yet consistent with her previous work. I found myself thinking, “Why didn't I think of that” throughout every chapter." Susan Schmitt, SVP HR Rockwell Automation

"I am very impressed with your book, and the value it will bring to those that read it. Your presentation of the text is phenomenal. ...I will be first in line to purchase the book when published." Darwin Clark, Retired Vice President, General Motors


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