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From the Balcony: New Perspectives for the old Power Games


New Understandings about Power Games that can change your LIFE!

  • Gain more control over your life by understanding the rules that affect Power Games.  
  • Influence others more effectively by learning the 12 things which affect your personal power.  
  • Change the quality of your life and interactions by learning the difference between Personal and Positional Power.  
  • Identify how to leverage your interactions by graphically determining what will get you the best outcome.  


This book will make everything you have ever learned about communications pale in comparison.

GET RESULTS fast by learning the right things!

From the Balcony was written to provide realistic and pragmatic guidance to the leader who wants to do the "right" thing but is continually fighting with those who want to do what’s most expedient for their own agendas.

By defining Power Games both experientially and then mathematically, this text offers an emotional, as well as visual opportunity to understand the implications for the organization of the destructiveness of the Games. The reader is presented fundamental building blocks for every Power Game in order to help him or her to understand where the potential of healthy resolution is most likely to be found.

As a result, this text offers both a diagnostic tool for evaluating Power Games and their implications, as well as prescriptions for ending them in a way that offers both Grace and a sense of justice to the person who feels righteously indignant at the treatment he or she has received.

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