Harlan-Evans, Inc.

Guidance for individuals and organizations in the midst of tough times.


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Our speaking topics are based on our texts and workshops. We can talk to your group about responding to bullies, leadership and tough times, managing the energy of your engagements like a cheetah, power games, and many others. To learn more : 

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We offer leadership and communications training that may vary from one or two day workshops to complete organizational culture change projects which can be delivered inexpensively on line. We often involve senior leadership in story telling and other forms of engagement to kick off large leadership initiatives.

Our newest work shop is Think Like a Cheetah, which is a one day workshop focusing on intuitive and critical thinking for complex environments.


Culture Change Initiatives

Harlan Evans has done many scalable culture change initiatives in large organizations. We have addressed the topics of customer focus, Leadership, crisis management, diversity and inclusion, and others in organizations to include Amoco, Cadillac, Rockwell Automation, and many others. To see our newest vehicle for helping leaders function optimally during tough times, click on the topic link above. 



Harlan-Evans has a long and successful history in executive coaching, working with a large variety of organizations. Toni Lynn Chinoy was an executive coach, working with senior leaders, long before coaching became a popular way to develop high potential leaders.