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Book II





What to Do When It Rains, a handbook for organizations in crisis offers a wonderful method for diagnosing when an organization is on a dangerous path. The basics outlined in this text are useful even if your organization is thriving. As you read this common-sense approach to solving organizational problems, you may find yourself wondering why it seems so simple.



This book is the perfect sequel for What To Do When It Rains, a handbook for leaders in crisis, but is equally effective as a stand alone text.

  • Do people in your organization treat their key partners with respect? 
  • Do your leaders know how to focus? 
  • Do your leaders communicate the appropriate feeling they wish to generate? 
  • Are your leaders effective at creating greater thrust with their initiatives, or do they sometimes just FIZZLE? 
  • If your organization was a person, would it be a healthy person? Do you know how to figure that out? 

These may all be reasons you should own this book. There are many more. This text is the definitive text on Organizational Wellness, and the determinations will probably surprise you. If you are a serious leader and want to know more about where to focus your energy, this content will be extremely helpful!

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