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“Others sometimes try to take advantage of me. They think I don’t know. They believe that Whirligigs are somehow so disconnected that they are oblivious to the plots of selfish, greedy people.

“Not so! I know when I am betrayed. I feel it instinctively. I am wounded, but I know that the betrayal is part of a plan. If I am wounded too much, I just fly away, leaving others to be confused behind me. ‘How irresponsible,’ they think. I seem very unpredictable, after all.

“But really, I’m not. Not for anyone willing to know the Whirligig. I stay until the pain is too great and then I leave.

That is my story. I stay until the pain is too great and then I leave. If you want to understand a Whirligig, understand what gives me pain. And then, only then, will you be able to predict when I will leave.

“So what gives a Whirligig pain? Whirligigs love to grow. They thrive among others who love to grow. Whirligigs know that if you are going to grow, you have to fall sometimes. That’s how it works. The fall teaches you. Pain for a Whirligig comes when the people we are closest to refuse to grow.

Whirligigs hang on like ticks until the other person refuses to grow. Then we move on.

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