Harlan-Evans, Inc.

Guidance for individuals and organizations in the midst of tough times.


We've been coaching senior executives for a VERY long time. The biggest difference between us and our competitors is that we actually have developed processes that take the person to the essence of any problem. We have created teachable systems for approaching complex problems. As we help our clients, we also teach them how to work with any problem in a systematic way that is Universal in its ability to achieve optimal results. What is optimal? The best business result with the least drama!

Leaders for Tough Times

Complexities, pace, and personalities make it difficult for even the most talented leaders to thrive in today's environment.

We have spent 25 years developing materials and processes that are appropriate for the leadership issues you face TODAY!

We help you manage your responses to competitive cutthroat, resistance to change, deliberate sabotage and even your own engrained style issues.

We believe coaching is more than nudging a person to the right decision. We are active participants in your decision process. We have the experience and the track record to help you make the best decision with the optimal results!


Executive Coaching

We have been coaching senior executives for over twenty years. All of our coaches have been educated in a unique process.

Our opinion is that coaching is NOT therapy delivered by a psychologist attempting to translate his or her skill set to the business world. Executive coaching must be a combination of business coaching, corporate understanding, psychology, and intuitive understanding of process and systems. We believe that successful coaching requires a combination of understandings and procedures that the executive would not otherwise have at his or her command.

The coach must posses a natural understanding of the environment in which the client operates. He or she should also bring new thinking, ideas and methodology to the interaction. Strong perceptive abilities of the nuances of human interaction should be a requirement, along with an intuitive ability to identify the blind spots of the client. The ability to help the client identify those blind spots and to work at the instinctive level to correct them are critical.

The coach must also have the internal strength and fortitude to identify the tough calls leaders must make. He or she must have been tested over time or the coach will lack the credibility needed to help leaders make and execute difficult decisions.

We combine the above understandings and inherent qualities with diagnostic and developmental processes to help the leader move forward in his or her evolution.

Toni has published multiple articles, texts and training programs on Leadership, Style Issues, Power Games and Organizational health which have been adapted into our unique coaching approach.

Who Needs a Coach?

Individuals or groups frustrated by the often grueling process of translating his or her visionary ideas or concerns into concepts understood and embraced by others.

Who benefits from HEI's Executive Coaching Approach? ?

  • Big thinkers frustrated in their communications to others.
  • Persons or groups of individuals who would welcome having their visions, communications, and ongoing initiatives scrutinized by a facilitator as a means to personal and professional self-improvement.
  • Talented leaders who suffer from style issues alienating their peers.
  • Change agents who struggle in fear based organizations.
  • High potential individuals who need seasoning before advancement.
  • Leaders in new organizations or new roles.
  • Any leader in a highly stressful environment with demanding business and personnel issues.

Our past and current corporate coaching clients include the following: General Motors Corporation including Buick, Cadillac, GMAC, Saturn, General Motors Finance, GM Europe, Truck and Bus. Other clients include Avon, Bayer, Godiva, Prudential, Northwest Airlines, Kellogg Corporation, Boeing Company, EDS, Ameritech, Capri Capital, Checkers, Simon and Rosner, Amoco (now British Petroleum), Peabody Coal, Weisman Corporation, Farm Credit Services, Rockwell, and many others.