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Corporate Coaching

(Our unique coaching/communicating processes)

We have been coaching senior executives for over twenty-five years. All of our coaches have been educated in a unique process.


"My experience in working with Toni Lynn Chinoy over more than a decade has been a persistent, recurrent astonishment regarding her capacity to take complicated problems, simplify them and identify solutions which are sometimes painful but always effective.  

I’ve learned to trust that just when I think she cannot surprise me, she will come up with a unique way of looking at a situation that clarifies both the problem as well as the solution which optimizes my time, my effort and my resources. Her approach also often minimizes my stress, for which I am most thankful." Susan J. Schmitt, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Rockwell Automation

"Toni Lynn Chinoy was approved as a facilitator by both the United Mine Workers and the Mining companies (Peabody Coal, Consolidated Energy, etc.) Toni did an excellent job in getting people on both the Company side and the Union side to look beyond which side they were on and to look at joint interests they shared. She was very instrumental in helping develop the LMPCP process that remains in effect today between the UMWA and the BCOA, coal operators. In fact, in thirteen years there has not been a strike in the industry and a lot of that credit goes to focusing on problem solving and win-win relationships established through the LMPCP process. I would highly recommend Toni. She does a great job in moving the focus from the past to looking at the future and the opportunities."

Rusty Franklin: Senior Representative for United Mine Workers

"Toni is the best leadership coach I've worked with in my 30 years of executive leadership experiences. She is uniquely gifted at assessing the complex leadership issues, while providing constructive options. Her counsel is rich in understanding of business and organizational needs. Toni combines all of this with a warm, respectful and intuitive style which is the best I've worked with."

Mike Krutza: retired President of the Central Region, Wausau, WI, Farm Credit Services

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