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Strategies for tough times!

Women Leadership and Evolution

techniques and understandings that will help you Keep It Moving



“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”     

George S. Patton



If women and minorities are to achieve their natural position as leaders, they must think in ways that enable that journey amid a myriad of obstacles. They must also overcome patterns of thought that create impediments to their path. While doing so, they must leverage their natural assets that their status has created. Grace and humility as opposed to anger and resentment are alternative responses to paths that are laden with deceptive difficulties. 


The two day program and follow-on laboratory (one day review of how you have applied the concepts of this program to follow within a couple of months) offer a systematic approach to identifying and reframing typical thought patterns which cause individuals to plateau or stagnate in otherwise promising careers.  


The purpose of the program is to offer you the opportunity to objectively identify your personal patterns, assess the relative accuracy of your beliefs as they relate to your success, and determine the effect on your career and personal aspirations. You will also be offered alternative options which are inherent in the way highly successful people think about life and potential.  


In this program, you will also learn how to manage the energy of your interactions. You will learn how to evolve the qualities which enable strong leadership while also learning how to cope with typical power games. Rather than trying to emulate the qualities that seem to cause men to move up the food chain, we will focus on enhancing the style and performance assets that are innately your own.  


The most difficult aspect of your experience will be to discover your own limiting and sometimes debilitating philosophies as they relate to responding to challenges. We will teach the fundamental qualities of Grace and how to engage with others in a way that will appear powerful, yet cooperative.  


You will engage and problem solve with others with similar issues and aspirations in the program, and as a result, will have the opportunity to develop an informal coaching network. In fact, a major focus of how we lead this two day process will be to focus on teaching you how to mentor and coach each other. First you will experience a process and content deliberately designed to help you focus on the right things. Second, you will do so while helping your co-participants to be successful in their journey to find root issues to solve.  


We have set the program up with many opportunities to coach each other, and we will shift the coaches a minimum of three times so that you may determine what style of coaching suits you best as well as how to improve your own skills in this arena. Your best outcome is that you leave here with a list of “buddies” to call when you get in need, as well as a clarity of issues in order to better determine when you need them.  


1.    Enhanced leadership effectiveness 

2.    Greater understanding of natural obstacles along with identification of solutions 

3.    More powerful and effective engagement with difficult personalities 

4.    More graceful resolution of issues with others 

5.    Enhanced perspective of your leadership impact and potential by others 

6.    Informal network of trained coaching support 

7.    Greater ability to determine and influence Rockwell Automation’s strategic imperatives, particularly around becoming an integrated company 

8.    Enabling the delivery of The Connected Enterprise strategy to Rockwell Automation business partners through superior communication and interactive skills 

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